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Hello! My name is Ahsan. I am from Pakistan and I am not a terrorist. I am Traveller by PassionPayments Envangelist by ProfessionNomad by Heart. Although Paki(stani) and Nomad are oxymoron, I have been lucky enough to swim against the stream.

Why? Let me explain. Pakistan is a crisis state;  always featured in global media for war, terrorism, crime and corruption.

Kids Picking from GarbageTalibanProtest on Road







But is this the truth? In a nation of over 177 million people, not everyone can be terrorist or corrupt or criminal. There is another side of Pakistan. The real side…

Paye, Shogran

A Shimshali Boy

Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Naran







Unfortunately perception is real than reality. The consequences for my country are severe:

  • Tourist don’t want to visit Pakistan although there are several exotic places.
  • Pakistanis cannot visit other countries easily due to tough visa rules and high cost of travel.

Despite being from a country where travel is both luxury and privilege, I have been fortunate enough to visit several amazing places outside and within my country. Let me tell you – the experience of being a Paki traveler is totally different.

Being detained at Damascus airport for 4 hours, getting rejected for Indonesian Visa or declaring the wealth statement even to visit tourist friendly places like Thailand are some incidents that majority of travelers around the world cannot even imagine.

PakiNomad is about my travel stories; the way a Pakistani has traveled; the way he has experienced the world; the way he has seen the world!

Its a Travel Experience – Not a Travel Guide

After all, God has created a marvelous world and has blessed the mankind with amazing mountains, miraculous valleys, incredible rivers and astonishing beaches. As a human I have the right to  see it all, praise it all and remember it all – even if I am a Paki.

Ahsan Jamal

E-Mail: ahsanjamal (at)

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  1. Dave

    I’ll def reach out to you before I head to Pakistan – I know of a number of Pakistan travel bloggers who are doing good work promoting their country 🙂

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