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Is It Safe to Visit Pakistan?

Miar Glacier - Nagar (Photo by Muhammad Waseem

Miar Glacier – Nagar (Photo by Muhammad Waseem

This is the question asked by many of my foreign friends. The question is tough one. Its the dangerous world out there. Lately things have improved and lot of people from other countries have started visiting the most remotest and amazing valleys of Pakistan.

Consider Mike Horn who is in Karakorum Range these days to climb world’s second highest mountain K2.

Check in from K2 base camp! We have been at base camp for 3 days now and are extremely happy to be here, especially after the 18 day wait in Skardu for clearance. We arrived after an amazing hike up the Baltoro Glacier with my girls and good friends. The best fathers day gift I ever had. The weather hasn't been great – snowing for 2 days solid now, we can not see any mountains around us but the mystical presence of K2 can be felt. We are alone at base camp and it feels even more remote with the low clouds, limited view and silence. Now and then you can hear the thunder of the avalanches as they are set off by the weight of snow and wind far above our heads at 8,000m. The bad weather is not all bad for us, it forces us to stay in base camp and acclimate correctly before we set off and prepare the climb. This is exactly where I want to be at this moment and can not wait to start the massive task ahead of us. It's been an amazing journey from Switzerland all the way to Pakistan with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. If anyone see any break in the weather send us some good news please! ‪#‎DrivenToExplore‬


Or Xiao Wei who recently visited Northern Areas of Pakistan:

See you next time, amazing Pakistan! smile emoticon Big thanks to my Pakistani brothers, Saif Malik and Ahmed Sheikh, thanks for your great hospitality. Next time, I promise I will come in a better time! wink emoticon and stay longer of course! grin emoticon Status: Waiting for my fligt to Uganda in Dubai airport. smile emoticon Everybody, see you AROUND THE WORLD! grin emoticon — with Ahmed Sheikh and Saif Malik.

I recently shared my view on travel to Pakistan in an interview with Asia New Weekly by Steve Miller for his show Destination and Tips for Travelling in Asia. Following is my part about Pakistan  or click here to watch in Youtube:

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