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Universal Studios Singapore : Where Reality Becomes Imagination – Part 2

Police Car in Hollywood - Universal Studio Singapore

In my last post, I covered about planning and visiting Universal Studios Singapore along with Madagascar and Far Far Away. In this post I am covering remaining five zones: The Lost World, Ancient Eqypt, Sci-Fi City, New York and Hollywood.

The Lost World

After Shrek 4D experience in Far Far Away I moved to Donkey Live – an interactive show based on digital puppetry technology. While waiting in the long queue I pulled out the pamphlet of USS show timings and found out that Waterworld show in The Lost World is about to begin in two minutes.  I immediately jumped out of the queue and ran towards The Lost World which consist of  two sub-zone – Jurrasic Park and Waterworld.

As I reached the Waterworld, the guard closed the entrance since the show was started. I literally begged him to let me enter. The performance was mind boggling. The actors performed the 16 minutes movie, full of action and stunts right in front of me. I witnessed live collision of water bikes, firing of bazooka, crash landing of seaplane,  explosion of fuel tank and action packed fighting.  Shooting of this kind of scene for actual movie may take over a month to complete. What a perfection!

Waterworld - Universal Studio Singapore

Waterworld – Universal Studio Singapore

Ancient Eqypt

As I entered this zone, I was taken thousands of year back with pyramids, tombs, statues and Pharaoh. It was time for Revenge of the Mummy – an indoor roller coaster based on the film Mummy. I entered the Egyptian tomb to queue for the ride. After short wait, I boarded the mine car which was actually beginning of the attraction. Most of the ride is in dark or partially dark environment. Sharp turns, fast reverse sections, special sound effects and robotic warrior mummies makes this ride a thrilling experience. At one point the car stopped just moments before crashing in to a wall. In another part the car dropped backward at 180 degrees and reached the speed of 70 km/hour in just few seconds. To be honest,  I was terrified specially when I took this ride  second time and I was the only person on the car.

Statue in Ancient Eqypt - Universal Studio Singapore

Statue in Ancient Eqypt – Universal Studio Singapore

Sci-Fi City

From the historic site of Ancient Eqypt, I suddenly entered the future of Sci-Fi City with no trace of the past. An imaginary metropolis, it hosts world’s tallest pair of roller coasters Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon based on hit television series. Both high speed roller coasters are started at the same time (the story line is that it is a battle between humans and robots).

I first opt for the Cylon which is suspended from the blue track with legs free in the air. There were several heart failing maneuvers, inversions and deadly loops. At one time I felt that the coaster is about to collide with the other one. I also took ride on the other roller coaster (Human) which although had some interesting loops but was not as thrilling as Cylon.

New York

This zone is based on the original New York city with relevant icons such as neon lights and sidewalks along with replica of New York library. The main attraction is Lights! Camera! Action! directed by Steven Spielberg. As I entered the pre-show area, a video of Spielberg briefing on special effects and use of sound stage in movies was shown. After that I moved to the main show area which was model of boathouse with New York skyline visible through the windows.

As the show began, the sky became darker and thunder lighting filled the room with heavy rain through the ceiling. This was the beginning of the hurricane. Everything from signboards to ceiling started crashing with the increasing intensity of hurricane. The effects were so intense that when one of the ceiling crashed towards the audience, they started running assuming that its about to hit them. The show ended with a huge boat crashing through the walls and stopping just inches away from the audience.

New York - Universal Studio Singapore

New York – Universal Studio Singapore


This was the last zone for me in USS. It is replica of Hollywood Boulevard with a broad-way style theater, which is the only attraction of the zone. It host rock n roll musical performance titled Monster Rock. I don’t know whether it was a good show or bad show since I am not a fan of rock music.

Pop corn in Hollywood - Universal Studio Singapore

Pop corn in Hollywood – Universal Studio Singapore

Additional Tips

  • Early bird catches the worm. Reach early and you may walk straight throw all attraction without waiting in the queue.
  • Better safe than sorry. Be aware of the timings of major attractions and street performances. Some shows are featured only twice a day.
  • There are no free lunches but lockers are free for first 30 minutes.




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